Liar, liar pants on fire

Published 8:46am Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Republican Congressmen (and women),

America went out last year and believed your campaign promises.  You said “We know how to bring jobs to America, and that will be our priority”. America gave you a majority in the House and strengthened your presence in the Senate.

We took you at your word.  Imagine our shock and disappointment when McConnell announced -after the election- that your top priority is to defeat the president, and make him a one-term president.  Imagine how amazed we were when we realized that you are willing – eager even- to weaken the economy, increase the debt and the deficit, and attack America’s moral values, just to weaken Obama’s political position.

No one expected the attack on minorities and women to take up all your energies.  No one sent you to Congress to pursue your ideological agenda. We want cooperation and we want progress.

Try to get this Mr. and Ms. Congressperson.  We are homeowners, merchants, carpenters, plumbers… ordinary working class people.  We don’t all have advanced degrees in political science, but we can see what is before our eyes.  We can see that you are destroying our country, just for your political good, and we will not be accessories to this destruction.

We elected you to work- just as we have to work to support our families- work to improve things in America.  We did not intend to send a bunch of grade school children to Washington to act like playground bullies at the expense of our way of life.

I know there are adults in the Republican Party.  Why have they been muzzled by the extremists who only care about their corporate overlords? There need to be a few adults on the playground, or school will truly be out…for America.

Norm Boyd


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