Mothers charged with murder in fire deaths

Published 5:54pm Monday, November 7, 2011

Two sisters whose children died in a fire after they were left home alone in Atmore last week were arrested Monday and each charged with three counts of reckless murder.

Akeevia Lajoseia Abner and Tekeevia Lajoseialan Abner, both 18, were taken into custody by the state fire marshal.

The fire killed 3-year old Aniyia Abner, 3-year old Takia Abner and 22-month old Michael Coleman.

“They showed an extreme indifference to these children’s lives and created a grave risk of death to the children by leaving them home alone on Nov. 2,” a press release from the district attorney’s office said.

The fire was caused from leaving a stove unattended, according to a preliminary fire marshal’s report.

  • bama918

    thank God I hope they through them in a fire pit and I know thats cruel sounding but think of how the kids felt, EYE FOR A EYE ,, There is no excuse for these deaths


    they are good mothers who loved their children this is not right, who did they talk to,there is a whole lot more to this than meets the eye, there is enought blame to go around and it does not stop at the mothers. The house was not fully engulfed, and what about the threats that were made to lock up anyone who tried to go into the house to get out the crying babies? We had to stand around and watch the AFD get dress while the BABIES were inside crying, again the house was not engulfed in flames when the got there. I know this will get me “hot water” but the truth needs to come out

  • bama918


  • caribou50

    It’s hard to have sympathy for these two irresponsible women who had these beautiful children who are now gone because they were too selfish to stay home with the children. Nothing is that important to leave small children alone. The reader who seems to think the Fire Department did something wrong by putting on protective gear, she too is selfish and making excuses for bad behavior. First Responders should always get our utmost respect. They see things that none of us, ever see and yet they continue to do whatever they can to protect us. I think the charges against the mothers are just and I hope they are given the maximum the law allows. People use the word love so freely but when you love someone, you protect them especially babies. If you were too immature to have children you should have taken proper precautions. Again, back to being selfish.

  • msmaryj31

    Praying for the young mothers. It was those babies time to go i no alot of us say it could have been avoid but we must remember that no one not even a child can go around their time. No one can avoid wat GOD has in store. No need in putting them down or judging them because it’s not up to us because we are not perfect. I pray that GOD give them the stenghth to forgive themselves..

  • koolmama1970

    if they did not leave their kids alone how did the fiire happen and i do agree with msmaryj31. God does have a plan for all of us like when it is our time to go, but again they didn’t have to die like that and those two girls don’t seem to show any remorse. i hope they get what they deserve.

  • bama918

    Show me a God that will burn innocent children alive like that and I will show you a God I will have nothing to do with. If that’s your form of religion I will stay away from your churches

  • bama918

    Show me a God that will burn innocent children alive like that and I will show you a God I will have nothing to do with. If that’s your form of religion I will stay away from your churches.
    Oh and why did they even have babies. At 15 & 16 years old? Tells me they were not raised with any morals at all.

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