Grandchildren present new, sometimes strange experiences

Published 10:56am Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Have you ever had your evening meal gone astray, particularly when you eat about 5 to 6 at night?

A couple of months ago my children and grand children, an entourage of about 25, took my wife and I out to an unusual eating establishment in the Malbis area. I was already becoming weak from hunger because we left Atmore about the time we normally eat supper.

When we finally arrived at this restaurant the first thing I noticed were three hefty Oriental men welcoming us near the front door. These men took us to our tables, which resembled stainless steel stove tops. We were never presented a menu. In fact one of these men said “are ya’ll” ready. It became evident to me that some of my family members had been here because they said “we are ready.”
Now the events that followed caused my stomach to growl louder and the food was not even close to being served. Actually I didn’t know what we were having.

But here is what did happen next. Those three men came back in carrying knives big enough to butcher a hog. They begin tossing these knives in the air then back to each other gaining speed and swiftness as the ceremony progressed.

Well, after I got over this shock another man came over carrying a pan of rice. A big can of rice. Next they tossed the rice on that hot grill, sprinkled a few bits of what looked like small portions of chicken or pork and raked and tossed this rice concoction for what seemed like ten minutes. By this time my hunger pains had increased so much I finally asked one of the men if I could have a few crackers. But the man said “we are almost done and very soon you eat.”

I said “finally.” But little did I realize my main course would be this rice concoction.  I did not get that steak or seafood I wanted so badly. I got rice. Then it dawned on me. This restaurant was a showplace for these guys to display their knife throwing talents.
As I sat there forcing down my serving of rice I looked out the window and saw a very well lighted sign for that restaurant known for throwing peanut hulls on the floor. I said to myself “if only I had a few of those peanuts my appetite would be greatly enriched.”
Now in all fairness to the rice supper we were served a couple of side dishes, somewhat tasty, but were completely new to me.
I suppose it was worth it all to see the grandchildren enjoying the knife show.

Now lets take a look at some local news. Remember my telling you the saga between county commissioners and the Creek Indians would rear its head each week. Of course Commissioner Smith, an avid Creek ally, does not identify with most other commissioners. Lisa Tindell wrote an interesting piece this week using the headline County:”just asking.” This was an excellent article as she wrote commissioners are only asking questions right now.

But this story just goes to prove it won’t die. I am sure Commissioner Smith can almost be assured of reelection because of his favorable stand in our area.

There will be more stories written each week as this “battle’ becomes more entrenched in the minds of those fighting for the Creeks. Writers siding with Indians look forward to the conclusion of this saga. Current stories are being carried nationally about this turmoil. You will find these stories throughout the Internet.

Off topic, here is something I bet you didn’t know. Jacob and Sophia are America’s most popular baby names for 2011. That’s what the Social security Administration told us in their last quarterly report. Other popular names included Mason, William, Isabella, Emma and Olivia. Wonder what happened to names like John, Joe, Bill, Susan and Mary?

Be back with more next week.”

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