A Carney Lodge player dives back to first base avoiding being thrown out by the pitcher.

Babe Ruth teams working to stand out as best

Published 12:36pm Sunday, June 17, 2012

A clear number one has not been identified in Babe Ruth action this summer as teams in the league have been routinely trading wins and losses, leaving fans clueless as to who may emerge victorious on any given night.

The seesaw action continued this week as Carney Lodge knocked off Poarch Creek Indians10-4 and Northwest Escambia escaped Jerry’s Alignment Center 6-5.

For Carney Lodge the first inning was the catalyst for their 6-point win as they scored half of their runs for the night. Brett Gorum got things started with a score before Nate Smith, Trey McGhee, Josh Flelos and Kevin Gumapac added runs. Tyler Sells was able to provide a lone run for PCI in the first inning, but couldn’t match Carney Lodge’s offensive success.

Second inning action saw two runs for each team as Kiano Gumapac and Gorum each scored for Carney Lodge and Colby Flournoy and Corey Bailey crossed home plate for PCI, leaving the score 7-3 heading into the third inning.

Carney Lodge would all but put things away in the third, scoring three more runs off the bats of Kevin Gumapac, Brad Quimby and Ben Martin and only allowing one PCI score from Chris Faye to lead10-4 and seal the win.

Carney Lodge’s next game will come Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. versus Northwest Escambia at Bradberry Park in Walnut Hill, Fla. PCI will hit the field next on Monday night at 5:30 p.m. against Northwest Escambia in Atmore at Tom Byrne Park.

Northwest Escambia 6, Jerry’s Alignment Center 5

It was a closely played game for Northwest Escambia and Jerry’s Alignment Center Tuesday night, but a powerful offensive performance in the second inning gave NWE the edge they needed to pull off the 6-5 win.

After a defensive shut out from both teams in the first inning, fans were wondering what was said in the NWE dugout as five batters crossed home plate in the second inning alone. Depin Aden, Nathan Barnes, Ben Preston, Tristian Brown and Jacob Dunsford all notched a score to give NWE the 5-0 lead.

Jerry’s Alignment must have gotten a whiff of the momentum as well, as two batters found scores in the second with runs from Brodie Amos and Hunter Sherouse to close the gap and trail NWE 5-2.

After an uneventful third inning, Jerry’s Alignment players were able to add two runs in the fourth inning with a score from Christian Thorpe and a second run from Amos. A single fifth inning run from Tanner Smith and Jerry’s could taste the comeback victory; however a late inning score from NWE’s Barnes would put the close match up out of reach for Jerry’s Alignment as they fell by one point.

NEW will hit the field again Monday night in Atmore, taking on Poarch Creek Indians at 5:30 p.m. in Tom Byrne Park. Jerry’s Alignment will be back in action Monday as well, facing Atmore Utilities Board at 7:30 p.m., also at Tom Byrne Park.

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