Flomaton police chief resigns

Published 1:00pm Monday, August 13, 2012

For the second time this year, the Flomaton Police Department is looking for a permanent replacement for its police chief, while the former office holder faces a criminal investigation.

Daniel Thompson resigned as chief of police for the city Tuesday just prior to special meeting called by the town council. Following an executive session the council announced they had accepted Thompson’s resignation and, on Wednesday, Mayor Dewey Bondurant Jr. named former chief of police Tracy Owens as interim.

The investigation into Thompson began when Escambia County District Attorney Steve Billy contacted the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and asked that they look into allegations surrounding the police chief. In a statement to press, Billy said he would not divulge what those allegations are.

Thompson began with the Flomaton Police Department in 2009 and was named as chief earlier this year following the arrest of then-Chief of police Geoff McGraw, who was charged with a felony for false imprisonment after he allegedly arrested a suspect in Florida and transported the person across the state line into Alabama. McGraw was in court in Pensacola earlier in the week in relation to the charges.

Adding to the confusion surrounding last week’s events was the response of emergency medical workers to a 911 call at Thompson’s home just before midnight last Saturday. Thompson was found in his home unresponsive and was transported to Jay Hospital. A second 911 call Wednesday morning at approximately 1:45 a.m. once again led to Thompson being transported to Jay hospital.

Although Billy has not disclosed the details, the investigation is ongoing.

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