Missing local found

Published 9:28pm Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Escambia Academy graduate missing for several days from his home in Moody, Ala. was found safe Tuesday morning, according to family members posting on the Facebook page titled “Let’s Bring Jake Back Home.”

Jake Corley, was reported missing by family members Monday.


“Jacob is the son of Lea and Scott Corley. He was reported missing today and hasn’t been heard from, but was last shown active on (Facebook) about five yesterday afternoon,” Lindsey Allen posted Monday.

In response to the report, Moody police officers dispatched a search crew, combing the area for signs of the missing man.

Following the trail left by Corley’s phone and debit card, family members were able to trace the location of the items through Arkansas and into Oklahoma.
Adding to the confusion were reports of a stolen vehicle found near Corley’s apartment complex after his disappearance.

Tuesday morning family members announced Corley had been found unharmed, but did not release details of his whereabouts for the time period he was unaccounted for.

Officials with the Moody Police Department were unavailable for comment.

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