DA: ‘An error was made’

Published 8:50pm Friday, July 12, 2013

A mistake by the Baldwin County District Attorney’s office has left an Atmore family rattled after a clerical error led to the issuing of an arrest warrant for Michael McGhee on a charge settled several years ago, according to BCDA Office Manager Jennifer Moore.


McGhee, a 39-year-old Atmore resident, was labeled as wanted on a drug possession charge and was included on a list of suspects not picked up by a recent drug sweep organized by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department.

McGhee’s mother, Carol McGhee, said her son was picked up at his job at a Mobile shipyard by Baldwin County sheriff’s deputies and was en route to jail when an official with the DA’s office told deputies there had been a mistake and McGhee should be returned to his job.

“We are all human and we make mistakes,” McGhee said. “But this has been hard, especially on his family. On his kids.”

Moore confirmed that McGhee had in fact been picked up after an old indictment was mistakenly identified as current, leading officers to believe McGhee was wanted on drug possession charges.

His mother said he had been arrested years ago, but had worked those charges out through the court system.

“It’s disgusting and disheartening,” she said, adding that while she is happy the mistake has been corrected, she believes the DA’s office owes her family an apology.
“It’s tough when they make a mistake and it’s on the front page of the paper and it isn’t right,” she said.

McGhee was listed as one of five suspects still being sought following a recent Baldwin County drug raid that netted a total of 19 arrests. He has since been taken off the list, officials said.

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