Here’s hoping the winter weather’s not too bad

Published 3:21pm Thursday, January 30, 2014

As I write this column on Monday, not knowing the weather situation on Wednesday, the day The Atmore Advance is circulated, I realize I should have waited until this week to write about the weather as opposed to my writing about it two weeks ago.

Each time I search the Internet for weather predictions, I find most stories are about our getting snow, ice and extreme wintry conditions. Again, I am researching on Monday information that tells me on Wednesday we may experience falling iced tree limbs, trees, power lines and somewhat hurricane-like conditions. So, since I did not know Monday what I know and am learning today (Wednesday), I am discovering these weather prognosticators are apparently doing a good job with their weather predictions.

Now, I must say the Internet Accuweather forecast I am reading today (Monday) is very frightening for what is expected to happen Wednesday. For instance one of their weathermen calls this a “rampaging storm on I-10 South,” meaning that Atmore sits right smack dab in the middle of this wintry blast.

So, while it is Wednesday that you are reading about these extreme conditions I sure do hope those Monday predictions are only a farce. Moreover, I hope we are not being revisited by the “1993 No Name Snow Blizzard.”

I get a kick from some of my “coffee drinking buddies” each afternoon as we agree and disagree on a vast repertoire of subjects. I am especially careful not to use too many three syllable words, in respect of my Auburn buddies who are regular members of our group. (That’s a joke).

The subject of Nick Saban’s signing so many quarterbacks for next season came up last week and I had to agree with those Tiger enthusiasts who question why he was doing this. I told our group even I could not speak for Alabama’s coach, as I attended school there and they continue to accept my annual alumni contributions. Of course that does not mean they would hear me up at the Capstone anyway. So, we all concurred Saban is in charge and it would be fruitless to unravel his thinking.

One thing our jovial group does agree on is the fact we do not like cold weather. Each one of us had a different “low” temperature reading during last week’s cold blast. I am still confused how each one us came up with a different reading. Temperature readings of 23, 21, 20, 18 and 17 occurred at our respective homes. Wow, for a town the size of Atmore that’s quite a range of cold mornings and nights. Perhaps thermometers are not used to measuring temperatures so low.
Our friendly group consists of Troy Byrd, Johnny Coker, Joe Pennington, Leon Lyles, “Big Dave” Kinman, Billy Gates, Marlene Forrester and our newest edition from Minnesota, Thomas Tchida. One of our regulars, Woodrow Pettis, recently moved to south Baldwin County to get away from the cold weather. Soon Buster’s round table must be enlarged to accommodate us all or we could all go on a diet. And, when we all laugh at one time we move our chairs back one notch from the table.

Our group may have a diversity of disagreements, but we all shake hands the next day when we gather back at the round table.
Have you ever thought about Ladd Stadium being a “jinx”? In younger days I attended football games there somewhat regularly. I remember in 1958 right after Paul Bryant came to Alabama his Crimson Tide played LSU. That was in 1958. And, on that particular night, the west end zone stands fell to ground causing death and severe injury to some who were perched in the stands.

I also remember Ouida and I attending a Senior Bowl game there several years ago. After the game, while walking back to our car, a fire broke out in the parking area, burning several vehicles near where we were parked.

On another occasion to the Senior Bowl, someone stole a car battery from a vehicle parked next to ours. Then, again a couple of years later I had to summon help to pull my car from a muddy bog in the parking area.

Looking back at a little nostalgic news from 1975, two Perdido teachers, Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Trawick, left their jobs for positions in Southbay, Florida.

Former ECHS student and football standout Alan Davis received an academic scholarship from the University of Alabama.

A rare event occurred on the golf course, when postmaster C. Williams and Atmore resident Frank Slay scored holes-in-one in separate golf tournaments at the Atmore Country Club. Both were regarded as avid golfers.

Faithful leaders of our Little League teams that year were John Mitchell, Jim Monroe, Eleyan Amerson, “Doodle” Purvis, Al Amerson, Charles Wicker, Earl Gunn, Ed Brown, Glenn Simmons, Robert Dean and Freddie Troutman.

Next week, I will have more news from days gone by.

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