Lowell McGill

Red snapper rules cause change in focus

The new regulations on limiting the number of Red Snapper fishing days has caused charter boat captains to focus on other game fish ventures. Beginning ... Read more

WATM radio station served our area well

I took a nostalgic trip Monday night at the Atmore Historical Society’s monthly meeting. I was there by invitation to speak about WATM radio. It ... Read more

1986 was a hectic year in Atmore’s history

This week, we are taking a look back at the year 1986. In 1986, pretty 17-year-old Cindy Conway won the “Miss Bear Point” contest. This ... Read more

A lot of city names are really ‘off the wall’

So, what about all these odd ball names for foods, towns, cities and marquee church signs? Take, for instance, Buffalo wings. Now, why would chicken ... Read more