Steve Flowers

DeGraffenreid became known in 1962

If race was a major issue in 1958, being the racist candidate in 1962 was the only way to be elected governor. With this issue ... Read more

Politics were a big deal in 1960s South

The 1962 governor’s race really began in 1958. The governor’s office and the race for it was the big show in Alabama politics in that ... Read more

Folsom influenced 1958 governor’s race

As the 1958 governor’s race dawned, the shadow of “Big Jim” Folsom loomed over the scene. Even though Big Jim could not be on the ... Read more

Tuesday’s voting turnout may be small

If you think the turnout was low for the June 3 primary, “then you ain’t seen nothing yet.” The runoff primary is next Tuesday. The ... Read more