Nostalgic Notes

What to do when license offices close

Are you wondering, like I am, what are we going to do if they close our drivers license office. The outlook is pretty dim right ... Read more

Winter may be drab, but at least it’s Christmas

Winter is so drab, isn’t it? Nature has very little color, nights are dark and public and church gatherings are filled with hacking, annoying coughs. ... Read more

McCarron is fitting SEC ambassador

It is such a treat to see A.J. McCarron being interviewed on TV. You don’t hear these “ah, ah, you know, you know” remarks. Instead, ... Read more

Signs of the fall season are all around us

Whether you call it fall or autumn, the fact is definite that changes are abounding. Read more

Abbreviations may be way of the future

This is the age of abbreviations. Today, folks — mostly younger people — rely on shortened versions of words when they email and text. Read more