Nostalgic Notes

Passing of Andy Griffith brings back many memories

Upon learning of the death of 86 year old Andy Griffith last week I was reminded on that day in the early 1950s when I ... Read more

Airbus welcome sight after loss to Boeing

Like a bolt out of the blue the unexpected and most welcome announcement last week of France’s Airbus (EDS) coming to Mobile created in the ... Read more

Ghost stories from our area still get attention

While my wife and I were watching television Friday night I was scanning channels, as I sometimes do, when my wife said “STOP, ... Read more

Alabama just not ready for gambling, whiskey?

Some seem to think casinos are bad and people should not work there. Could this also be the thinking of our commission and their legal ... Read more

Commission story has ‘legs, just won’t die’

“The commission is exploring more options to obtain that clarity, including whether the Interior department’s letter may provide a basis for judicial review.” That’s the ... Read more