Jordan replaces Byrne as circuit judge

By Stephanie Nelson For The Advance Escambia County has a new district and circuit judge, after Gov. Robert Bentley made appointments following Circuit Judge Bradley ... Read more

Jordan to replace Byrne as circuit judge

Dave Jordan confirmed Friday that Gov. Robert Bentley has appointed Jordan to serve as circuit judge in Escambia County, filling the unexpired term of retiring ... Read more

McMillan drops out of tax assessor’s race

By Stephanie Nelson For The Advance Republican candidate for Escambia County Tax Assessor Sarah McMillan has withdrawn from the race, meaning the party now has ... Read more

Judge Byrne to retire

By Stephanie Nelson For The Advance For nearly 30 years, Circuit Judge Bradley E. Byrne has donned a robe and presided over countless cases. At ... Read more

Circuit clerk will re-open Wednesdays

By Stephanie Nelson For The Advance Circuit clerks’ offices — including the one located in the Escambia County Courthouse — are going to reopen on ... Read more