Joyner running for Alabama senate seat

Nearly a decade ago, Danny B. Joyner made a run for the senate using tomato stakes and cardboard as political signs around the district in ... Read more

Perdido couple nabbed for larceny

A Perdido couple is in jail in Pensacola today after allegedly attempting to steal more than $1,000 of merchandise from a Walmart on Pensacola Boulevard. Read more

‘Failing’ schools named

Despite early reports that Escambia County High School might be named on the list of schools deemed as “failing” under the new Alabama Accountability Act, ... Read more

‘Failing’ school list to be released today

'Failing' school list to be released today Read more

The race begins

The race begins

As Rep. Jo Bonner prepares to step down from his seat in the U.S. Congress in August, names are being added to the race to ... Read more