Auctioneers helped give Atmore local flavor in past

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe his name was Art Hammac. And, his profession was auctioneering. His circuit included a trip to Atmore ... Read more

Miracle? Not quite, but still fun

I used to be a huge fan of ice hockey. Back when Atlanta still had an NHL team, I probably went to at least one ... Read more

Shelby, Sessions are very different senators

There are two schools of thought as to what role a U.S Senator should play on the stage in Washington. One model is called the ... Read more

Strand theater provided lots of great memories

The closing of the Strand Theatre brings back another fond memory from those “golden days at the Strand.” K.C. Powell, Rodney’s dad, worked for the ... Read more

Waiting for the mail was often a real experience

In my heyday of field adjusting work and countless other jobs I performed in my younger days, I frequented the post office quite regularly. And, ... Read more