Regular session will get started soon

The legislature and the governor are preparing for the first regular session of the quadrennium. The session will begin March 3. Legislators need to arrive ... Read more

Help ACH, eat delicious chili!

The chill of winter is definitely in the air, and that’s why a hot steaming bowl of chili will likely taste extra good this weekend. ... Read more

Lee’s new book is causing a real ‘buzz’

Right up the road from Atmore in Monroeville, the folks there are abuzz about the renewed interest in their beloved famous author (or is it ... Read more

It’s beyond time to repeal Obamacare

By U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne By now, you may have heard the good news. Last week, the House passed H.R. 596, my bill to repeal ... Read more

Feds have often intervened in state

As the legislature and governor prepare for the upcoming initial legislative session of the quadrennium, they are facing ominous and obvious problems. The General Fund ... Read more

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Opinion Columnists

Award winners inspire us all

Congratulations to the recipients of the Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards, which were given out Thursday night at the 69th annual chamber meeting. ... Read more

Veterans deserve more choices in our VA system

By U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne We all have special veterans in our life. These are the countless men and women across the country who sacrifice ... Read more

‘Common Core’ remains hot topic

The first regular legislative session of the quadrennium has begun. Legislators have arrived in Montgomery for their three and a half month session and they ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

We should all recycle

Dear Editor, I’d like to pose these questions to your readers: Do you recycle? If not, why not? Would you like for the next landfill ... Read more

‘Dreams’ may help erase drug problem

Drug abuse is a horrific problem across the country and, yes, even here in Escambia County. To raise awareness, local groups have come together to ... Read more

DHR appreciates community’s support

On behalf of the Escambia County Department of Human Resources and its board, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of those ... Read more

Thanks to everyone for defeating landfill

Dear Neighbor, On behalf of the Town of Repton, THANK YOU to all those who gave time, talent, persistence, unity and money to help defeat ... Read more

Atmore Vision Center thankful for donations

The doctors and staff of Atmore Vision Center would like to thank the Atmore community for their generous contributions to this year’s food drive. The ... Read more