Babe Ruth Softball

Atmore Utilities Flames win again in Babe Ruth Softball

In Saturday‚Äôs Babe Ruth Softball action, there were three games with the Atmore Utilities Board Flames and the Atmore United Bank Silver Eagles facing off ... Read more

FNB&T Magnolias beat Pepsi Challengers 10-5 in softball action

In Monday night Babe Ruth Softball action there were four games with two games being played by the 13 to 16 year olds; one game ... Read more

Atmore Flames crush SAV Sluggers 22-6

Atmore Flames crush SAV Sluggers 22-6

The Atmore Babe Ruth Softball League opened its season on Saturday at Tom Byrne Park with ages six to 16 taking the field in three ... Read more