Good luck and our apologies to Mr. Mixon

Published 6:05 am Wednesday, July 19, 2000

By Staff
To the Editor:
Well ladies and gentlemen, the Sunday paper said it all. I wish Mr. Mixon well and hope that he will get the security that he deserves at his new job and also the loyalty one needs to grow and develop a sound school system.
I for one am very ashamed that this had to happen in the community that I grew up in and work in. This has put a bad situation in a worse light. It is going to be hard to get anyone to come to this school system and expect that the people and the school board are behind them. Even though we have elected new school board members, they will still be subjected to what has been done by the old school board. The school board says that they are beginning their search for a new Superintendent. I'd like to know if the qualifications they set forth are the ones that we are going to believe in. I don't think we will have any faith in their selection. Dr. Bradley has set a standard, and to go down in qualification will be a disgrace to us and our children. I, for one, would like those four school board members to realize what they have done in terms of building the morale and loyalty among the teachers and the community. I wonder if they have been as disheartened as we have been by all the public outcry that has been pushed in their faces.
Atmore has made a name for itself in terms of getting the best, but we don't know how to keep them. We as citizens must take the initiative to get up and vote. We are letting a few do for us what we need to do for ourselves. We need to stop saying that our vote doesn't count. We need to stop letting a few make our decisions for us. We need to stop saying they're going to do what they want to anyway. We need to do what we should and vote our conscious and not what someone else says. We need to take back our backbone by standing together and making our city a better place to live. Most of all, we need to come together as whole community to find out what is wrong and deal with it out in the open.
A lot of people are saying that racism isn't in this town. I find that it is and so do our children. We as adults are not making the best atmosphere to nurture our children when we are indifferent to our surroundings. Lets get this community out of the dark ages and do what is best for our future and the future of our children. I ask the citizens of Atmore to take a good look at what is happening within our school system and see if you would want your children to be taught under these circumstances.
Where is the confidence and the loyalty to the people that are chosen to run this system when you have a few that are being manipulated by unseen individuals? This is irresponsible and mean spirited on the part of our leaders. To Mr. Mixon, again if no one else apologizes for the treatment you received, I will and I am deeply appreciative of all you have done this past year while nurturing of the students at Escambia High School. Thank you.
Patricia A. Reynolds
President, Ala. New
South Coalition, Esc.
County Chapter

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