Local schools gear up for exam

Published 4:44 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2001

By Staff
Time flies when you are having fun.
If that's true, Escambia County schools are having a ball because the end of the year is a few short weeks away.
As students in Escambia County gear up for summer, their minds turn to an important time, the week they take the SATs.
In recent years, test scores in our schools have come up much scrutiny as Escambia County High School and Escambia County Middle School have each been on alert status due to low scores. This has required teachers, students, principals and parents to focus their attention on better preparing for the test. Last year ECHS showed much improvement and moved from alert to caution. Their goal this year has been to show even more improvement.
At the middle school, everyone has been actively working to prepare for the upcoming test.
We encourage students to take this testing seriously because, like it or not, these scores reflect on our school system and our community. As we have often said in these pages, we want Atmore schools to be the best.
Only our students can make that happen.

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