Poem expresses feelings of many officers

Published 4:58 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2001

U.S. Representative
Several years ago, I was sitting around, thinking about what it's like to be a cop. How we are hired to do a job that is too rotten for anyone else to do. I thought about how we are isolated from the rest of the world and how unappreciated we are. I came across this poem that I've carried with me for years, so long in fact that I don't remember where I got it. I thought that I would share it with you.
Tears of a Cop
I have been where you
fear to go
I have seen what you
fear to see
I have dne what you
fear to do
All of these things I've
done for you.
I am the one you lean upon
The one you cast your
scorn upon
The one you bring your
troubles to
All these people I've been
for you.
The one you ask to
stand apart
The one you feel should
have no heart
The one you call the
man in blue
But I am human just like you.
And through the years I've come to see
That I'm not what you
ask of me
So take this badge and
take this gun
Will you take it?
Will anyone?
And when you watch a
person die
And hear a battered baby cry
Do you think that you can be
All those things you
ask of me?
It's frustrating to be
a COP today
Working long hours for
minimum pay
There is one thing you can
do for me today
Say "hi" to the next COP
that passes your way.

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