End of high school is just beginning

Published 8:02 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Advance Managing Editor
Over the past few weeks, we here in Atmore and surrounding communities have said goodbye to another class of graduating seniors. Each of these young men and women will choose different paths but their futures will always be filled with the memories they made together as the Class of 2001. Those memories will be called up from the cellar of their minds as the years go by and they will offer comfort and perhaps a smile.
As this class begins to go its separate ways, they will face challenges and hurdles that those before them never knew. But, like every generation before them, they will find a way to meet those challenges so they can continue moving forward.
The high school years are very special, and, as the graduates get older, they will realize that more and more. Teachers, football games, conversations over cafeteria food, long summers, cruisin' around town and passing tests without studying are all things of the past. Even those moving on to college will see little resemblence in their lives this time next year.
While high school memories are comforting and fun, there are still many memories to be made. The graduates will soon be moving out from their life-long homes and into their own place, meeting the person they will share their lives with, having children of their own, graduating from college and getting their first "real" job.
High school was fun, but the good times have really just begun. The next few years are full of life-changing decisions and graduates should take their time and make sure they are making the right choices. After all, the choice is theirs alone. Parents are simply loving advisers with their fingers crossed.
While the choices may be hard and the road sometimes bumpy, there are a lot of good times to be had and many memories to make. Those years right after high school offers a chance to smell the roses. Take time to have fun and experience a few of life's great adventures for yourself because once certain commitments are made, your life will belong to others as well and time becomes as precious as any of the world's treasures.

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