Relay night is just around the corner

Published 8:01 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Relay for Life Chairman
Those of us involved in Relay for Life know that there are many things we always do, i.e. always at the end of the day, thanks must be given for that day, good or bad, and at the beginning of each day, we must greet it promising to make it full to running over. Always we are aware that life is short even at its fullest and must be savored, squeezing all of the joy possible from every moment.
Relay in Atmore is just around the corner, therefore we must always thank each of you who has given your time, your talents, and most of all, your money. You are the ones who keep us "a going" year after year. You are the ones who make us one of the top 10 communities. Thank you. I know you must be very proud!
To all the bosses who have allowed us to come into your business and take "the cream of the crop" for Relay captains, I always have to say "Gracias." You have allowed us to invade your workplace, take your employees hostage and demand much of their time and talents. You have never complained and you are always willing to "walk another mile" with us if necessary.
To all the survivors who meet each day with dignity and courage, we must always say "way to go." You have shown all of us how to live daily, striving for that "walk in the park" that is another year of victory for you. For your bravery, we commend you and there will be hundreds of people in Tom Byrne Park on June 8 urging you forward for one more lap. "Merci."
To those family members who have lost loved ones to cancer since we last met in May 2000, we always say, "Come to us on June 8 and we will cry with you and rejoice with you as you take your walk for cancer." We will always fight for the cure. You are the ones left to deal with this tragic disease and humbly we always say, "hats off to you."
To every willing and able body who shows up in the park on Relay night, we always say, "You are the greatest." You are the backbone of Relay. Thank you for caring enough to give of your time and always showing up for the big event. We could never do it without you.
To the Atmore Police Department and the City of Atmore, we always say a "big thanks to you." Time and again we ask you for so much and you are always willing to help make Relay a success. I have found that you are always in there pitching to do whatever is necessary. Thank you.
A final thanks to all of you committee members, team captains and American Cancer Society employees who make my job so easy. Always in the excitement of the moment, I forget the "glue" that holds this whole thing together. You know who you are and you can always be assured that the stars in your crown are many. I am very proud to call you "my friend."
I love the following:
I might not follow.
Do not walk behind me,
I may not lead.
Just walk beside me
And be my friend."
Thank you, my friends.

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