Atmore not immune to anthrax scare

Published 12:40 am Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Advance Staff Writer
News of anthrax cases around the country has caused some Atmore residents to be more cautious about opening their mail.
Atmore Fire Chief Gerry McGhee said his department responded to two calls Saturday regarding suspicious mail.
Saturday morning, Captain Dale Rutherford alerted the chief that a Presley Street resident had called the department and said she was bringing in a package she had gotten in the mail.
Atmore Police Chief Donnie Nunley said Monday the PD had possession of the package and had investigated its origin n a company in Washington state.
Saturday afternoon, a Jack Springs Road resident who had just received a letter from Great Britain called the fire department who in turn handed it over to the police department. Nunley said the letter was an advertisement soliciting people to play the lotto in Great Britain. It too, though unsolicited, was legitimate.
Nunley said the package and letter would be returned to the owners if they wanted them. If not, the police department would destroy the correspondence.

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