Goals set based on our veterans' accomplishments

Published 2:29 am Wednesday, November 14, 2001

By Staff
People across America have spoken of what little good that came from the terrorist attacks on America two months ago today.
There has been mention of a return to spirituality, where many turned to God for solace in the wake of Sept. 11.
Many have re-embraced patriotism and love of country, flying flags on cars, businesses and homes.
America is not an underdog in its war against terrorism. In fact, America is favored to win, and will win. Most do not know how long this war will last, and Americans have been urged to set aside timetables.
But for as long as the United States is at war, there is one group of Americans we do consider underdogs _ our soldiers.
No matter if those soldiers are equipped with the finest technology and strongest weapons, any person who puts his life at stake for country should be considered an underdog. And when those arrive on our soil, we then will consider them heroes.
There's only one problem with heroes. When the games are over and the memories fade, we often let the heroes become average citizens. Sure, we remember the struggles of our heroes, but remembrance doesn't necessarily mean honor.
Well, there is one other good that came from the terrorist attacks on America. For just one day, when towers tumbled and airplanes turned to missiles, America became the underdog. That feeling of vulnerability, though just for a day, made us remember how revered our freedom is. Then we remembered how we won that freedom.
All across America, Atmore included, veterans live among us. Some of them still work in everyday jobs. Some of them are retired, content to watch our nation bask in its freedom.
Today, on Veteran's Day, it's about time we honored those who earned our freedom.
You see, America is never really an underdog in wars, and there's reason for that. We don't understand vulnerability because of those very people those soldiers who made our nation a dynasty.
America doesn't need to be attacked ever again. But this year, when we felt defeated for a day, it sure was pleasant to regain our confidence on Sept. 12.
Our veterans are the reason for that regained confidence. They set a precedent for victory, honor and courage. Our troops in the Middle East today understand those high expectations expectations set by our veterans.

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