To the Editor:

Published 3:04 pm Wednesday, August 21, 2002

By Staff
I have become greatly concerned over the casual way certain people have spoken of sacrifice by a few for the good of the whole. If by this they mean serving one's country in the armed services or by giving one's time for public service then I am in full agreement. Unfortunately in this case these people are speaking of giving up one's way of life for the good of the community. Before people jump on this bandwagon they should be aware of a few facts.
First the Mayor with this proposed land deal will place a tax burden of 2.66 million dollars on the taxpayers of Atmore. This debt will be paid by already employed taxpayers in the city of Atmore, regardless if jobs are created or not.
Second the only winners in this deal are the politicians and their cronies. Ask yourself why a city has to purchase the property? The main reason is to allow an industry to come in tax-free. This helps the proposed business by placing the tax burden on the citizens of the community, while maximizing industry profits.
Third what type of jobs will be created? How many Escambia County Citizens will be employed in upper level positions? The answer zero. Almost all out of state companies bring in their own management to oversee the "cheap labor" as they refer to it. This amounts to modern carpetbagging. State and local officials who are encouraging this type of business are nothing more than modern day scalawags. We need homegrown business with honest locals in prominent positions.
Fourth we must keep in mind this $2.66 million is only the first installment. How much more will city officials promise a prospective out of state industry? Sewer connection? Road connection? When will this pay off stop?
Finally this deal is too secretive. The Mayor still refuses to put all the details of the sale in the open. For instance, who is the real estate agent involved in the sale? Has the deal been finalized? Will they extend their jurisdiction? Which local banks will be financing this venture?
It is time for him to answer these questions and more!
Chris Terry

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