Letters to the editor:

Published 9:44 pm Saturday, January 18, 2003

By Staff
We, the family of Zion Star A.M.E. Zion Church, would like to thank all of you for the supplies and participation in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Program. Without you, this could not have been a blessing. So, thanks again to Rev. David Richardson, our great speaker, and his church families of Lang Chapel A.M.E. Zion Chapel of McIntosh, Dr. and Mrs. Ulysses McBride, the Pepsi Cola Bottling Co., Rev. Claude Shiford, pastor of Mt. Zion A.M.E. Zion Church of Montgomery, Honorable Mayor Howard Shell, Bishop Willie Williams of Jones Street Holliness Church, First National Bank, Growing Tots, Maxwell, Haley and Castleberry, Rev. E. Slate, Heavenly Delight Cake Shop, Joey's Furniture, Greenlawn Pharmacy, Staff Chevrolet, Pleasant Trees, Golden Coral Steak House, Johnson Ford, Inc., State Line Lotto, Dee's Fine Jewelry, Main Street Jewelers, Mt. Shiloh Baptish Church, Flanning's Social Club, Honorable Charles Goodwin, David's Catfish Cabin, Diamond Gasoline, Gerlach's Main Street Grill, The Concerned Citizen's of Atmore, Swift Supply, Western Auto, Town and Country Pet Grooming, Alabama Power, Trylink, Frye and Son's Construction, United Bank, D&D Carry Out, St. Thomas A.M.E. Zion Church, Rev. Sanford Davis, The Atmore Advance, Gaines Chapel A.M.E. Church, Pilgrim Rest A.M.E. Zion Church, Rev. Michael Tucker, Brantley's Tires, Escambia Drug Store, Hainje's Home Furnishings, Atmore Ready Mix, Mrs. Myrtice L. Cody, Atmore Florist, Just 4 Kids, Elite Sporting Goods, Lee Collision, New Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Dixie Catfish Shack, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jackson, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Walker, Jerry's Alignment Shop, Earl's Jewelers, Ms. Melinda Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maples, State Line Pawn Shop, Atmore Carpet, David's Paint and Body Shop, Mr. Larry Forney, Mr. and Mrs. Anthins Marshall, Ms. Carolyn Fisher, Ms. Victoria Mason, Ms. Tanya Lambert, Ms. Enga Jackson, Ms. Analene Ellis, Ms. Vircile Daughtry, Mr. James Pavers, Mrs. Dorothy Robinson, Ms. Delois Campbell, Mrs. Debra Mitchell Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Holly, Ms. Pat Reynolds, Mr. Mrs. Robert White, Mr. Carl Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jefferson, Dee and Lee General Store, Fancy Fingers Beauty Salon, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Longiere, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Darvin Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Shelky Archie, Watson Vaults, Grandbetty's Browsing Shop, Advance Printing Co., the Atmore Community Male Chorus, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Joe McMillan, Unique Hair Design, McCant's Grocery, Mr. George Roberts, Honorable Joseph Broyden, Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Carter, Underground Jeans and Shirts, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mason, Ms. Vickie Mason, Ms. Denise Larkin, Bateson Furniture Co., LA Heating and Cooling, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hubert, Mr. Franklin Wiggins, Shannon's Florist, Glory Tabernacle Church, Mr. Elbert Flowers, Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Arnold, Mr. Anthony Coley, Ms. Mary Balden, Ms. Jessie Fisher, Mr. Jacob Archie, Ms. Linda McNeal, Ms. Carolyn Montgomery, Ms. Mary Powers, Ms. Gail Brown, Ms. Mable Trotter, Ms. Janice Bank Cassidy, Mr. and Mrs. Tommie L. Robinson, Mrs. Evenly Wiley, Ms. Thelma Autrey, Mr. Larry Brooks and Mr. Roy Martin.
A special thanks to JP's Printing, the Chairperson Sister Nellie L. Myles, Rev. Sanders Mason, III, pastor of A.M.E. Zion Church.
The Martin Luther King Day Planning Committee
The announcement of the closure of Kmart is another illustration of placing a city's economic stability on a large corporation. Mayor Shell and the City Council did not learn this lesson when Vanity Fair closed its doors. They continually talk about plans to grovel at other out of state corporations' feet to attract them to our area. Small towns are built on local people and local businesses. Out of state corporations will always leave if the bottom line is not to their satisfaction and are therefore unreliable basis for a small town's or a state's economy.
Leading economists point out that all areas that give away large incentive packages or base their economics on out of state corporations gain nothing except a debt, which they pass on to the taxpayers. When the incentives are no longer there, these companies move on to their next pigeon. The bottom line for our area is that we need locally owned and operated businesses that are vested in our community.
Chris Terry

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