Huxford receives award for excellence

Published 4:50 am Wednesday, March 2, 2005

By By Lee Weyhrich
Something has happened at Huxford Elementary that no one wants to take the credit for.
Huxford is one of 13 schools in Alabama with more than 70 percent of its students on free or reduced lunch programs that has done exceptionally well on every portion of the SAT10 exam.
Principal Betty Warren doesn't want to take credit for this accomplishment because she feels her staff deserves it.
"I've got a fantastic faculty and staff," Warren said. "It's not just teachers, it's everybody we've got."
The staff at Huxford doesn't want to take the credit because they feel Warren's leadership is what helped Huxford win this honor.
"Your principal sets the tone for the school environment," Counselor Carol Middleton said. "Mrs. Warren is a very positive people person, she loves what she does and she loves children."
Middleton has worked at Huxford for 7 years but has known warren professionally for 25 years.
Rebecca Snyder, a third grade teacher at Huxford has continued working at the school long after moving to Monroeville just because of the environment Warren has created.
" I got married and moved to Monroeville eight years ago," Snyder said. " I live in Monroeville e but I still drive to Huxford everyday because she makes it such a wonderful place to work."
Snyder said one of Warren's best qualities is her ability to treat everyone like family. "She is a wonderful principal, she goes out of her way to make sure these students can the best they can be," Snyder said. "She's very supportive of the faculty and loves the children."
According to Lynn Winters, a first grade teacher, there is nothing warren wouldn't do for anyone at the school.
"She's incredibly supportive, she believes in a family atmosphere for everyone; faculty, staff, children, and parents," Winters said. "She's the first one here each day and she makes learning fun."
According to sixth grade teacher Cheyenne Leachman, Warren even wore her pajamas to school to get children to read.
"She's dedicated, she has very high expectations for her students and her teachers, she's always willing to help us no matter what it is and she supports us," Leachman said. "She makes sure that we have the latest and most up to date version of anything; materials, books, and equipment."
Leachman was even a student of Warren's in high school.
The faculty of Huxford Elementary wants Warren to get the credit for her school's success. Warren believes the credit belongs solely to her staff
"I'm surrounded by an excellent faculty and staff and they make me look good.," Warren said.
For once something good has happened and no one wants to take the credit.

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