Helpful advice for grads

Published 9:20 am Monday, May 23, 2005

By By Adam Prestridge
Well it's finally that time high school seniors all over the country have been waiting for.
For the seniors at Escambia County High School, Escambia Academy and Northview High School, it's no different.
The restless nights leading up to the moment you take that final walk and finally place your hands on that hard-earned diploma are almost over. It kind of reminds you of the anticipation before a vacation as a child or the desire to get home following a long trip. The phrase, "Are we there yet," comes to mind.
Personally, graduation was a relief. Well I thought. Now that I'm out of school, I would give a week's pay just to go back.
I would give anything to have momma cook me hot meals every night, buy my clothes and fill up my gas tank. I guess everyone wishes they had someone to fill up their tank the way gas prices are these days.
High school was a fun time for me and I enjoyed every bit of it. Yes, that's right, the work as well. Learning is enjoyable to me, but being around good friends you've been with for years is the best.
It's not easy to say goodbye. All of a sudden, like in a movie, your grade school, junior high and high school days begin to flash before your eyes. You recall all the good times, and some bad, that make you who you are. Without school and your friends, you would be incomplete.
Before moving to Atmore, I spent little time with friends from high school. We all just grew apart and went our separate ways. It kind of makes you look forward to the reunions, to see how everyone turned out, find out what they've been up to and to reminisce about the good ole' days. The downside of reunions is you have age 10 years each time you go.
So for you seniors that are graduating this year, cherish these final days with your friends. If you're going to college, make a list of phone numbers and addresses, so you can stay in touch. If you'll still be nearby home, don't forget the ones you grew up with over the years and make time to hang out and enjoy each other as you continue to grow into adults.
Trust me, a few years will go by and you'll wish you could have it all back.
As for now, throw your hats in the air and enjoy yourselves.
Adam Prestridge is the publisher of the Atmore Advance. His column appears weekly.

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