Letters to the Editor

Published 12:02 pm Thursday, July 14, 2005

By Staff
Thanks to all who helped during Hurricane Dennis
Dear Editor:
The devastation of Hurricane Dennis has at least one bright side. It may come as no surprise to the people of Atmore, but there are heroes in our midst. The men and women who met needs despite extreme circumstances before and after the storm are heroes in my book. I wish to thank those who gave of themselves in a Christ-like way.
Our hospital provided medical care up to and through the storm. There wasn't a misstep. Thank God for the administration, ER physicians, and employees at Atmore Community Hospital that made that happen. It was a great comfort to know that the citizens of Atmore, many of whom are my patients, would receive the care they needed. Also, those in the nursing home and assisted living were cared for through much effort by those entrusted to provide that care.
To my amazement the Atmore Advance delivered a paper on Sunday morning. The staff and carriers should be commended. Their commitment to Atmore couldn't be more evident.
I have heard of neighbor helping neighbor and a local business that opened its doors as a shelter for the infirm. The hero stories are many. Some stories, though, are of total loss, and our hearts go out to our friends, these fellow citizens of Atmore. However, I am encouraged by a revelation of the heroes in our midst brought about by Hurricane Dennis.
Dr. Jonah McIntyre

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