Acid burn victim recovering

Published 4:21 pm Wednesday, October 19, 2005

By By Janet Little Cooper
Atmore resident, William Daigre continues to recover from an attack involving muratic acid at his residence on Atmosphere Road, Sept. 25.
According to ECSO, an unknown assailant threw an undetermined acid in his face after allegedly cutting an antenna wire outside of his home. Daigre was at home watching television when the incident took place.
The reception of his television went completely out, prompting Daigre to go outside to adjust the antenna.
"As I was turning the pole, a wire came around and slapped me on the leg." Daigre said, "I realized that it was the antenna wire and it had been cut. About that time, a voice from around the corner of my house was heard, calling me to them. As I turned the person stepped out and poured the mixture right in my face."
Injuries sustained by Daigre required immediate transport by Life Flight. Daigre remained in intensive care for six – weeks following the incident. He sustained severe burns to his face and upper torso. Vapors from the acid, were inhaled into his lungs as well. Doctors have declared Daigre legally blind. Poarch Police Department was the first to respond to the scene. Officers were unable to track the perpetrator. The incident remains under investigation with the ECSO.
Muratic acid, sold as a liquid, is used to remove mortar from masonry, concrete etching and to balance ph levels in swimming pools. Muratic or hydrochloric acid is a light yellow fuming liquid with a pungent odor. Hydrochloric acid is corrosive and causes burns of human tissues. Ingestion of the liquid can produce burns of the mouth and digestive tract. "We mainly sell it to contractors who are cleaning bricks." Ricky Hughes, of Swift Lumber said, "When bricks are laid the mortar splatters on them. The acid works real well to soften and remove the hardened mortar from them. I keep a bottle on a shelf in the shop. If any leaks, it will eat the shelf up. It could do a lot of damage."

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