Academy student shines on and off court

Published 9:25 pm Wednesday, February 1, 2006

By By Matthew Nascone
Andrew Lambeth has aspirations to be a professional basketball player in the NBA someday, but he knows that all dreams don't come true.
"I want to be in the NBA in 10 years," Lambeth said. "But I understand that those things don't always happen."
Lambeth, a 17-year-old junior basketball player at Escambia Academy, said he wants to go to college on a basketball scholarship and study pre med while he is not on the court.
"That has always been a dream on mine and my parents since I was little," Lambeth said. "It would be awesome to get my school paid for and play basketball at the same time."
Andrew's parents, Robert and Sharon Lambeth, should be proud of their son because he has a firm grip on reality. In his free time Andrew is concentrating on getting back on the All-As honor roll at the Academy. He was on the A-B honor roll for the previous nine weeks and he said he was disappointed he dropped from the All-As.
"I would have stayed up there, but I took a really hard class and it knocked me down," he said. "But I am working to get back up there. In my life there are two things right now, basketball and school."
Lambeth is a goal-oriented person and he said that is what drives him in life.
"When I was younger I was not always the best athlete," he said. "But I would push myself to be better and I set goals for myself. Setting goals and reaching goals is a big rush for me. Because it means you were able to accomplish something no one thought you could."
Lambeth will always be setting goals and testing his own limits in whatever adventure life takes him. The stakes will never be too high for Lambeth to succeed.

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