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Published 11:08 am Monday, October 9, 2006

By By Janet Little Cooper
As a part of McCullough Christian Center's commitment to serve the community, they are offering people of all ages the opportunity to experience first hand some amazing feats of power and strength backed with an even more powerful message of hope and inspiration.
The church is hosting the John Jacobs' Next Generation Power Force beginning today and running through Wednesday at the church and in several assemblies slated to take place in area schools.
"John Jacobs' Next Generation Power Force actually contacted MCC first," MCC youth minister Steve Burton said. " It was not difficult for us to book him. They were very willing to come to McCullough and we just had to coordinate our schedules."
Within a four-month time frame, MCC had made arrangements for the group of world-class athletes to converge on the area.
"It was senior pastor, Cornelius Phillips' idea to bring them to McCullough," Burton said. " He had not seen them perform, but I had and we both thought it would be a great idea to bring them to our community. I attended a crusade several years ago."
John Jacobs' Next Generation Power Force is a group of world-class athletes who have performed the world's greatest exhibitions of power, strength, speed, inspiration, and motivation in every state and in over 40 countries for almost 30 years. These giant men, many weighing over 300 pounds, can blow up hot water bottles, snap baseball bats, lift telephone poles, rip phone books and license plates, and smash walls and concrete. John Jacobs' Next Generation Power Force has several world record holders on their team, including former Mr. America finalist, and a wide range of professional athletes.
In 1976, John Jacobs founded strength ministries, as we know it today, by utilizing feats of strength to communicate positive messages to audiences in churches, civic centers, stadiums, and coliseums all across the nation, as well as the world. They have been featured in People Magazine, the Saturday Evening Post, and on the popular TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger, watched by an estimated 16.5 million. They have also been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. For over ten years they have had their own television show called The Power Connection, viewed by millions around the world.
John Jacobs' Next Generation Power Force has performed over 20,000 school assemblies over the past 25 years, and is ranked as one of the top school assemblies in the nation. Believing that inspiration and motivation equals academic and personal achievement, they tackle the tough issues of drugs, alcohol, violence, abstinence, peer pressure, and suicide.
John Jacobs' Next Generation Power Force has various members who are among America's most sought after speakers, encouraging people to live a life of excellence and challenging them to be the best that they can be. John Jacobs Next Generation Power Force has an unparalleled history, with proven effective methods, that churches, corporations, cities and organizations utilize to draw people from all walks of life reaching their communities with powerful, life-changing messages of hope and inspiration.
Burton said that the crusade is specifically geared for all ages encouraging everyone to come out and see for him or herself.
"We are anticipating a full house each night," Burton said. "Our idea is that everyone in the community would benefit from their ministry. We have advertised on the radio, in the newspapers, flyers and word of mouth from McDavid, Fla. to Bay Minette to Monroeville."
In addition to the crusade being held at MCC each night, Burton has made arrangements for the Power Force to conduct school assemblies in the area.
"I have set up the school assemblies for them and will only assist them as needed," Burton said. "There are actually two teams that will be attending the schools."
The Power Force team is appearing in eight different schools beginning tomorrow including Ernest Ward Middle School, Escambia Academy and Escambia County Middle and High School.
"We at MCC want the community to know that regardless of conditions, circumstances, or situations, there is victory in all things through Jesus Christ," Burton said. "In addition, we want them to know that we are not only committed to helping and serving the community as a whole but also every individual."
The Power Force team will begin its crusade at 10:30 a.m. today with testimonies from team members.Then tonight's service will begin at 6 p.m. with the team performing amazing feats of strength as they share a message of hope. Services for Oct. 9-11 will all begin at 7 p.m.
McCullough Christian Center is located about 12 miles north of Atmore, at the north end of Jack Springs Road (County Road 1).
For more information and directions to McCullough Christian Center, log onto www.purposemcc.com, or call (251) 577-6561, or toll free 1-866-MC CENTER (1-866-622-3683).

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