Police working to keep us safe

Published 7:47 pm Monday, February 26, 2007

By Staff
Our View
The Atmore Police Department has been working diligently to keep our streets and community safe.
There have been two police chases throughout the community during the past week. Wednesday night there was a slow-speed chase in which Vernon Gamble failed to pull over for Atmore police officers. The officer tried to perform a traffic stop on Gamble, but he refused to stop. After chasing Gamble for a couple of blocks, the officers were able to block his escape route and after a brief period of struggling to apprehend him, the police officers were able to arrest Gamble. He was charged with multiple violations.
Thursday afternoon a high-speed chase took place in the Atmore area. Two police officers witnessed Michael Moss make an improper turn and made an effort to pull him over. Moss refused to pull over and what followed was a chase through town, a field and a residential yard. While the officers were chasing Moss, they observed him throwing several objects, which were thought to be illegal narcotics, out the windows of the vehicle. Eventually Moss chose to stop and he was arrested, also being charged with multiple offenses.
The police officers who have been involved in these chases have put their lives in danger to keep the citizens of this community safe. They work very hard to make sure our streets are kept harm-free and that reckless drivers are kept off the roads.
The police officers handled the two chases with the utmost precision and the Atmore Advance respects the way things were taken care of. It is good to know that police officers in the Atmore area keep the citizens of this town protected from all the violence.
Because of these police officers, we can trust that when we go to sleep at night we are protected and in good hands.

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