Bynum retires from ANC

Published 12:15 am Wednesday, May 2, 2007

By By Adrienne McKenzie
After 30 years and eight months of commitment and hard work at the Atmore Nursing Center, Mattie Bynum has retired, celebrating Thursday at ANC with a gathering in honor of her dedication.
Bynum's co-workers at ANC spoke of moments they shared with her during the many years of working together.
"She was a dear," co-worker Dot McAroy said. "Mattie trained us, she did excellent work."
Darlene McMillan was also trained by Bynum and said she was trained for excellence.
"When I came here Mattie trained me and I can say that I am very well-trained," McMillan said. "She trained me to be the best."
ANC's Marcella Wilson, D.O.N., said Bynum was one of the first members of staff at the nursing center and that over the years she has given knowledge to many new employees.
"Mattie, you are a wonderful, wise woman," Wilson said to Bynum. "You helped give birth to Atmore Nursing Center, swept floors, helped move beds in and admitted the first patient here. You are consistently caring, Mattie. While you were here you planted many good seeds and helped to bear down fears."
At the end of the celebration, Bynum had the opportunity to speak to her beloved friends and family that were at the party.
"I love each and every one of you," Bynum said. "I had good times and bad times but through it all we made it. You helped me like I did you. It's hard to say 'goodbye' but I live right down the street, my doors are always open to my friends."
Bynum intends on enjoying her retirement with no set plans, except one, to have a good time.
"I'm going to travel, have some fun," she said. "I think I've worked enough."

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