Thefts enrage business owner

Published 1:19 am Monday, May 21, 2007

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
To the community of Atmore,
I am the owner of Buster's Restaurant located at 1310 E. Nashville Ave./Hwy. 31 east in the city limits of Atmore. This restaurant has been in this location since 1952. I am enraged to have to say that this business in now located in a high crime district.
This location has had to have front windows replaced because of a drive-by pellet gun assault. Another Saturday/Sunday assault happened when someone entered the building through the central air conditioning unit. That particular crime resulted with a destroyed cash register, plunder, holes busted in wall, broken glass, American Legion cookbook money stolen and business change stolen. After that crime, a security camera was installed. To top that off, our insurance was canceling. It seems that having two hurricanes and two crimes to report to our insurance agency must have put us at a high crime risk.
Paying more for coverage, I was able to stay with the same company. Three weeks ago, a thief stole a very large Mexican flower pot from this location. It was used as an ashtray beside the picnic tables outdoors. The thief dumped all of the sand and cigarette butts and stole the large pot. Last weekend someone tried to break into the newspaper racks at this location. It was not successful but one rack was damaged. Last night someone stole a window unit air conditioner from my property beside my restaurant. The thief broke in the side door and went out the front door facing Hwy. 31 with my air conditioner.
Of course now I know not to report it to my insurance agent. I need to save my coverage for the next hurricane disaster.
I cannot be forgiving. I cannot turn the other cheek. Crime and theft are now common activities on my property. I am enraged.
Julia Joyner Gibbs

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