C&S serves as 'wake up call'

Published 7:50 am Wednesday, August 15, 2007

By By Keiana White
What is the cost for being unaware? What price would one have to pay for not being involved – passively living his life?
George Orwell wrote a novella called "Animal Farm." It was about the Russian Revolution of 1917, and how the people of Russia, passively, allowed the Bolshevik political party to overthrow the Czar. As a result, Joseph Stalin gained rule over the Russian people. Sadly, Joseph Stalin treated the Russian people worse than their Czar. To this day, Joseph Stalin is known as the most brutal dictator the world has EVER known. The Russian people were never the same.
We cannot afford to be passive and unaware of the things that go on around us. We MUST be aware and involved in all things that concern us.
The proposed location of C&S Chemicals, Inc. in Freemanville, on Woods Road, is a prime example of why we should be involved in our communities. This should serve as a 'wake up call.'
There is a small group of people in this county who are controlling the lives of thousands. They are doing this because they think that the people who live in this county are in a passive state of being: dull-minded. They try to confuse us through their publicized lies and fake image, "I had nothing to do with it." But, times are changing.
No one is listening to your lies anymore. We see, too clearly, the truth that you have put innocent people's lives in jeopardy – just because you could. Was the money really worth it?
Sulfuric Acid is not the only problem with C&S Chemicals, Inc., hazardous waste is an even bigger problem. There is a movement in the industrial arena of 'targeting' vulnerable communities that are rural, low-income, low education level, non-zoned, site of the county line–all are characteristic of Woods Road. We were targeted, studied and scouted.
Please know that C&S Chemicals, Inc. was not able to target us (Atmore) by themselves, there were (still are) people from this county who helped them. Sinister, huh.
This targeting of communities was started by a report called the Cerrell Report of 1984, which was written by a law firm out of California. This report has been used to find land to discharge hazardous waste. Government regulators call this terrorist act "locally undesirable land use" (LULU for short). Repton has been going through the same ordeal with a landfill in a local community, the largest landfill in the United States! This is a problem that all rural areas must be aware of.
So, what is the cost of being unaware and uninvolved? Your very life. It is time to unite and hold those responsible for this evil act FULLY responsible. They have forfeited their right to serve the people. When much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48).
Keiana White is a resident of Freemanville.

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