Letter to the Editor

Published 9:24 am Monday, September 10, 2007

By Staff
C&S Chemicals is not a threat
I've been keeping up with some disturbing letters to the editor, signed proudly by those who write them. These letters include comments that belittle, hurt and even accuse people of being evil. These comments accuse elected officials and other good people of being racist. The last or most recent editorial stated, "where are the people now," "get up and do something about it" and "we do not have to settle for things that displease us."
My comments are mine and I realize everyone will not agree, but you decide. First the people are here. We are here and we are strong. We are people who come from all walks of life and are grateful to live in a God fearing free country. We work hard every day to support our families and teach our children to be of worth to our community. Some of us teach them to fear God and to be obedient to His commandments. To have faith in every footstep, to pray for what is right, not only what you want, to be bold but not overbearing, to be submissive and meek and to have charity which is the pure love of Christ toward all men.
Martin Luther King Jr. would find much sadness of heart to see 43 years later that the laws have changed, but hearts of men have stayed the same. We are still surrounded by selfish and greedy people of all races whose hearts are unchanged.
We are the people, we fear God and we love our children and our wives. We are bold, but not overbearing, submissive to the still small voice of Spirit and respectful of the laws of God and the laws of the land. We are grateful to exercise our freedoms and allow others to do the same.
C&S Chemicals is not a chemical plant. It is a small mixing facility. Every single automobile in this country carries sulfuric acid in it. You call it battery acid. Sulfuric acid already travels Woods Road on a regular basis via automobile, tanker truck and railcar. My guess is, it has for many years, safely.
Many things displease many of us, but that does not make our opinion everyone's opinion. Even more so, our opinions when driven by malice, strife or anger, will lose their affect on others and drive us down into a terrible gulf of misery. Finally, people who pray on the side of the road one day and then are full of contention the next is not my idea of Christ-like behavior. Do not be driven by anger. Pray in your homes with your families, pray in secret for God to hear not on the streets to be seen and heard of men.
Donald B. Ellestad Jr.

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