ECHS grads come from near and far for reunion

Published 6:26 pm Tuesday, September 9, 2008

By By Lowell McGill
They came from several states throughout the USA Saturday.
I am referring to those 1952, 1953 and 1954 ECHS classmates who assembled for a gala class reunion here.
Some had to reintroduce themselves to each other as time has taken its toll and some of them were not remembered as they looked fifty plus years ago. But the name tags they wore provided the necessary identifications causing them to remember exactly who they were. Some had changed in their looks and some still looked the same. However, it only took a few moments and a few glances at each other before the large dining room was filled with hundreds hugging and carrying on conversations meaningful only to them.
They began filling David's Catfish House at 9 a.m. and joy reigned as they began a day of nostalgic celebration.
Strolling around the room I heard many diversified conversations such as "yes, I remember her," "how many grandchildren do you have?," "do you remember that teacher?," "I thought her hair used to be short?," "has it really been 55 years?," "is this really you?," "who are you married to now?," "which hotel are you staying at?," "my, my, Atmore hasn't changed has it?," Atmore has really changed hasn't it?," "have you seen the big casino and hotel under construction out at the interstate?," "lets go shopping and sightseeing after lunch," don't forget to give me your email address?" and on and on these conversations could be heard throughout the day.
A tour of the old school building on Pensacola Avenue was the highlight of the early afternoon. The day long affair was capped off with a 5 p.m. meal back at David's.
Each class member received souvenirs, provided by the First National Bank &Trust, United Bank, James Barnette, Winn Dixie, Pepsi Bottling Company, Brad Newman, "The Atmore News" and The Atmore Advance. A specially designed booklet contained names of popular songs during that era. A picture of the ECHS faculty was also featured. Of special interest, were the listings of gas priced at 20 cents a gallon and a postage stamp at 3 cents each. Bacon was only 55 cents a pound and eggs were 24 cents a dozen. Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower were remembered as U.S. presidents, respectively.
Yes, these former classmates relished a full day of remembering and holding dear those wonderful times of the yesteryears. Many knew that this may be the very last time they would ever see each other, especially those who traveled a long distance just to be with their friends one more time.
Two former teachers, Evelyn Tuberville and Anncil Hall Key shared in the festivities as they reminisced with their former students.
Those in attendance included Floyd Adams, Nell Tenant Thomas, Jimmy Pat Kizer, John Graham, Carolyn Mason, Donnie Smith Serig, Edro Hall, Leon Moring, Helen Holder Vortag, James Norris, Kathryn Robinson Pezent, Annie Sue Landrum Daniels, Dixie Dunn Coleman, Riley White, Eloise Greer Moore, Ted Clayton, Wilmer Baker, Clyde Batley, Mary Louise Tremmer Brawner, Edna Boone Mahalovich, Joyce Grimsley Owens, Jessie Wood, Phil Chapman, Sandra Gillespie, Louise Nall Powell, Ted French, Edgar Norris, Frank Brooks, Annie Sue Keller Newman, Jo Ann O'Neil Joy, Jack Sharpless, Virginia Weaver Sharpless, James Holder, Margie Davis Armstrong, Georgia Brooks, Frances King Lassiter, Marry Ann Keller Kennedy, Ouida Troutman McGill, Aubrey Stanley, Tommy Stallworth, Sarah Gibbs Beyette, Don Rounsaville, Elizabeth Turner Vinson, Charlotte Troutman Miller, Preston Phillips, Nan Reia Wise Norris, Edna Norris Emmons and Adolph Sutton Jr.
Some husbands and wives of most of the class members were also in attendance.
Lowell McGill is a historical columnist for The Atmore Advance. He can be reached at

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