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Published 6:24 pm Tuesday, September 9, 2008

By Staff
Williams loves to cook and enjoys eating his cooking
By Chandler Myers
(This week The Atmore Advance spotlights 71-year-old Leroy Williams. Williams enjoys visiting the Atmore SAIL Center and visiting with friends.)
Q: When and where were you born?
A: I was born in Monroe, County on Feb. 1937.
Q: Who were your parents?
A: My parents were the late Grant Williams and Cero Williams.
Q: What did your parents do for a living?
A: My parents worked on a farm and picked cotton and other vegetables.
Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
A: I have two brothers and one sister living. My brothers are Joe Williams and Dan Williams and my sister is Attie Williams.
Q: Where did you attend school?
A: I attended school in Baldwin County and in the City of Stockton, Ala.
Q: Do you do a lot of traveling?
A: No I never did much traveling, but I have traveled a lot around this area.
Q: Where did you work?
A: I worked for Ralph Gant and worked a paper route for a number of years.
Q: Where have you lived?
A: I have lived in Monroe County, Baldwin County, Stockton and now have lived in the City of Atmore for a number of years.
Q: What do you like most about Atmore?
A: Atmore is a real friendly place and just being here makes me feel at home. The people in the city are always nice and I enjoy meeting up with them at the Atmore SAIL Center.
Q: Did you ever marry?
A: No I never married, but I did have a girlfriend.
Q: What advice can you give married couples for them to have a long, healthy marriage?
A: Well I never got married so I'm not sure how much advice I can give, but I would just say be good to each other. Treat one another right and realize that it is always a 50/50 compromise.
Q: Where do you attend church?
A: I have not attended church in a number of years, but I did attend regularly as a child.
Q: What keeps you busy these days?
A: Visiting the Atmore SAIL Center everyday keeps me going and I like coming here for the people and the food. Also going to the doctor to make sure I'm still running good keeps me busy a lot of the time.
Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I like to eat chicken, corn, peas and most any kinds of food.
Q: Are you a good cook?
A: I do pretty well for myself when I cook. I can cook porkchops, chicken and steam vegetables. I like to cook and love to eat it even more.
Q: What is your favorite TV show?
A: I'll watch just about anything on television. Most shows find a way to interest me and I watch them with my brother Joe all the time.
Q: What advice would you like to give people on staying healthy?
A: Eat right and take care of your body. Do not do things that will hurt it like drinking or smoking. Make sure you get exercise to keep your blood flowing. And make sure you visit the doctor regularly.
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