Truly a great sport

Published 2:41 am Wednesday, May 6, 2009

By By Chandler Myers
Cal Ripken action kicked off with a bang from the first pitch and rolled throughout the day providing tons of action to any fans that wandered away from Mayfest long enough to see all of the young sluggers take the field.
It is always fun to watch children take the field for youth baseball because the sport is so engrained into our nation’s history.
There is something about baseball that brings people together whether it be families that become close-knit friends because their children play together or just sitting next to someone at a professional game. The person at that game is automatically your friend as long as they are there to cheer on the same team.
From hot dogs and nachos to rally caps and the seventh inning stretch, baseball is a special sport that takes patience and talent to play.
Watching the players take the field on Saturday took me back to days of playing little league in Birmingham.
Waking up on Saturday mornings and throwing on that jersey got the blood flowing and it was exciting to take the field whether it be right field or second base.
Night games were the most fun because there is something electric about playing under the lights. The craziest night game to memory was one that featured the team I played for, the Pirates, and the Padres.
We took the field that night with clouds overhead and winds just flowing through. The first couple of innings were nothing too special, but in the middle of the game a shower let loose and just consumed everything.
The surprising thing was that the game continued for another inning. When it was all said and done, both teams were soaked in water and covered in mud. The Pirates won that game 5-3 thanks to the weather, but the one thing that sticks out the most in the memory is not the victory, but the sight of the rain coming down. The lights at the park just made the sight have an even stronger affect.
There is something great about baseball. The crack of a bat or a home run getting robbed. Everything about it is spectacular except for the steroids.
So, here is to the season ahead for all of the young Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth players. Take in the atmosphere, the sounds, the smells and the sights.
One day you will look back on it all, and want to be there again whether you’re a player, parent or just out at the ball park supporting the teams.
Enjoy the fun and remember in the end it’s all just a really fun game.
Chandler Myers is sports editor of the Atmore Advance. He can be reached at 368-2123 or by e-mail at

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