Inn makes feeling at home easy

Published 12:28 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2009

By By MaryClaire Foster
There is a donkey with a penchant for the casino and peacocks with a penchant for well, each other, but mostly it is innkeeper Foster Kizer’s penchant for making his guests feel at home that makes the Royal Oaks Bed and Breakfast a unique lodging experience.
Kizer opened Royal Oaks, located off of Hwy. 21, 10 years ago after he had a desire to bring one of his favorite ways to travel to the area.
Kizer said he has questioned guests of how they came to find Royal Oaks and besides general queries for bed and breakfasts in the area was told he has been featured in both a Fodder’s travel guide as well as in a Discovery Channel travel guide.
Kizer said many of his guests are loyal to staying bed and breakfasts when they travel, but he has also been host to many bed and breakfast first timers.
Kizer said it’s a different type of guest that comes to stay in a bed and breakfast.
One of the best parts of running Royal Oaks according to Kizer is the relationships he has built with many of the guests, many of whom still keep in contact with him.
The homey atmosphere of Royal Oaks is set with art and trinkets from Kizer’s travels abroad along with antiques he has acquired both in the states and abroad and artwork from local artists.
There are four guest rooms for people to stay in but Kizer said he prefers to only book three because only three have fully private baths. Two of the rooms are located in a converted barn out back.
Besides the cast of characters coming in and out of the bed and breakfast as guests, Royal Oaks comes with its own cast including the donkey and peacocks, geese, ducks, chickens and three dogs.
Kizer said the idea to have peacocks also came from his travels.
The donkey, simply known as Donkey as in the Shrek movies, has caused Kizer some trouble lately by escaping from the fenced yard and heading to the neighboring Wind Creek Casino and Hotel.
Kizer said he acquired the donkey from his cousin and when he does stick around the property he is useful in keeping away foxes and coyotes.
If you are interested in spending some time alongside Donkey and the peacocks, call 368-8722 to book a room at Royal Oaks.

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