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Titan Jiu-jitsu open for training in city

By By Chandler Myers
A new business in Atmore is bringing with it a new form of recreation, self-defense training and a way for aspiring mixed-martial arts competitors to get accustomed to life in a ring or on a mat.
Titan Jiu-jitsu has opened up on West Ridgeley Street and is operating in the same building as Khaos Audio.
Owner and instructor Craig Helton, a member of the Poarch Police Department, is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu that learned this martial art as a part of Team Strikeforce.
Helton said the reason he opened the facility is to give mixed-martial arts competitors Team Titan, who he has been training with, a place to train for their matches.
At Titan Jiu-jitsu, people who are interested in learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can sign up for the jiu-jitsu class or for those interested in learning mixed-martial arts there is a class two nights a week.
Another option is a conditioning cardio class for people who want to get in better shape.
Helton said in the jiu-jitsu training students actually spar with another student in an effort to learn the technique. He added that this is to help eliminate any false sense of security someone with martial arts training might have.
With jiu-jitsu, the focus of the technique is submission and chokes as a part of a ground fight. Taekwondo and karate emphasize on striking ability.
Another bonus of the jiu-jitsu classes or the cardio conditioning class is the ability to get healthier.
Helton said a lot of people that have begun training thought they were in good shape, but soon learned otherwise.
For more information on classes offered by Titan Jiu-jitsu contact Craig Helton at 655-0456.