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Shelby’s doubletalk of responsibility

Dear Editor,

In a recent statement, Senator Richard Shelby (R-Porkville) stated “Washington must put its fiscal house in order. American taxpayers are rightly infuriated by the federal government’s disregard for the same economic principles that govern every household and business budget.”

Yet when it comes to pork barrel spending for his home state, he is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to waste taxpayers’ money. The Chicago Tribune reported that a provision Shelby inserted into the 2010 budget that has survived both recent continuing resolutions is costing taxpayers more than a million dollars every single day.

The “Shelby provision,” as it is called, forces NASA to spend $1.4 million daily on the Constellation moon program, which it already canceled and doesn’t even want …

Voters who pay any attention remember Shelby’s “Tram to Nowhere  for Nobody.” He managed to get earmark money for a road and a bridge and an electric tram in Huntsville.

This nifty little pork train carries no passengers because it goes nowhere in particular, but Shelby got it through and gained a bunch of dollars for Alabama and bunch more for his own re-election war-chest.

Yeah, Dick. How about that disregard? I’m guessing the reason for the permanent sneer on his face is pulled muscles from talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Wake up, Alabamians. Shelby is the king of pork and he preaches about fiscal responsibility.

Kinda like Jon Ensign preaching family values.

Norm Boyd