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GECA auditions begin Monday for ‘Night Watch’

The Greater Escambia Council for the Arts (GECA) will have auditions for its latest production on Monday.

GECA headquarters, located at the corner of Trammell and Nashville, will have the auditions at 7 p.m. for the production of “Night Watch.”

Jerry Janes is the director of “Night Watch,” which is a suspense thriller.

“Most of the time we do musicals or comedies, but this one is a little different,” Janes said. “It’s based on a story that that has been around for a long time.”

The plot is about a woman, Elaine, who is sitting in her luxurious New York apartment when she sees what she thinks is a dead body in the building next to hers. She, of course, tells her husband, and they call the police. When the police show up, there is no sign of a body. Soon the idea of Elaine’s sanity starts to come into play and the story line moves into a climactic finish.

Janes, who has been with GECA since its inception, said this will be the fourth play he has directed, and he has acted in several shows.

“Night Watch” auditions will be looking for nine characters, four main and five supporting roles. There will be four females and five males, all college age and older.

“Its an open audition,” said Janes. “We are always looking for new people who want to join our company. When we first started, we didn’t have too many members but now we have a pretty good group. There is a play that I want to do, but it calls for only three characters, and I hate to utilize only three of our group.

“I have found out that ‘Night Watch’ has been done many times as a play and even made into a movie,” he added. “That made me interested enough to decide to work with this show. It will be a good, exciting play – a little out of the norm – that will be entertaining and leave the audience pleasantly surprised.”

For more information, contact GECA at 368-3899.