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Smith, Nolin win primary races

BREWTON — Brandon Smith and David Nolin won their respective races by wide margins in the 2016 Primary Election of Escambia County on Tuesday.

Smith claimed more than 87 percent of the vote; beating James Hilton Hall Jr. 1,204-167 to win the Escambia County Commission District 4 seat.

“I want to thank everybody, my family and my friends for their help,” Smith said. “I appreciate the people of District 4 for having the confidence in me to continue to represent my district.”

Hall said he appreciated those who voted for and supported him during his race.

Nolin defeated Sherry Digmon 767-481 (61.46 percent) to win the Escambia County Board of Education District 6 seat.

“I appreciate the people that supported me,” Nolin said. “I promise to do my best and what is fair when it comes to making decisions for the county.”

Nolin represents A.C. Moore Elementary and Escambia County High School.

Digmon, who will still hold her seat on the BOE until November, said she’ll continue to work for the kids and schools in the county until her term ends.

Smith and Nolin will not face any opponents in the upcoming general election, which will be held Nov. 8, 2016.

In other primary races, county voters selected Rep. Bradley Byrne over Dean Young, 3,400-1,785, or 66 percent of the vote.

Sen. Richard Shelby won decidedly with 4,084 votes.

In the presidential race, 88.48 percent of county voters voted for Hillary Clinton, and 49.33 percent of voters voted for Donald Trump.

Marco Rubio came in second with 1,028 votes, or 18 percent.

In the statewide amendment, county voters approved the amendment 3,456-2,519.