Spice up your water with these fruitful tips

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We are happy to welcome Anthony Wiggins, the new county extension coordinator (CEC) to our family at Ag Science Drive in Brewton.

Wiggins, who has worked with Alabama Cooperative Extension System for 16 years, is from Monroe County. While there, he was responsible for implementing animal science and forage programs in eight counties as the regional extension agent. He is excited to be here and anxious to get out and meet all of you. Meanwhile, his door is always open.



The humidity is up. It’s hot outside and you are roasting inside. What can you do? You can enjoy a fun new way to drink water.

Just adding a few fruits, vegetables or herbs to water makes it more interesting.

Lemon, orange or cucumber slices are popular favorites. Some people call this “spa water” because it looks fancy, but it is easy to do at home. Just rinse and slice fruits or vegetables (about a cup of fruit per 5 cups of water), add them to a pitcher of water and let the flavors sit for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. They look pretty, too!

Try these flavor combinations:

• Strawberries and mint

• Watermelon, cucumber and lime

• Pineapple and lemon

Choose water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages.


Top 5 Reasons To Drink Water

1. It’s hot outside. Cold water is extra refreshing in the summer. Keep a pitcher of water in your refrigerator and toss ice cubes into your child’s water bottle.

2. Save money. Start drinking water at home and ask for water when you eat out. You’ll be amazed how much you save.

3. Water can help you keep a healthy weight. Substituting water for a 12-oz sugar-sweetened soda will save about 126 calories. If you normally drink soda every day, this small switch can make a huge difference.

4. It’s better for teeth. Sugar-sweetened beverages are one of the top sources of sugar in kids’ diets. The sugars in these drinks are “food” for bacteria that cause tooth decay (cavities).

5. Your kids are watching — be a positive role model. What you drink is as important as what you eat. Choose water often and decrease your intake of sugar-sweetened beverages. Bring a reusable water bottle with you when you go out.


Sneaky Sugars

Don’t be fooled by slick advertising. These drinks may sound healthy, but they’re often packed with added sugars. They include flavored waters, fruit drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks

Teach your kids that…

• Healthy eating also means making smart drink choices.

• Sugary beverages like regular soda are an occasional treat, not an everyday drink.

• Fat-free or low-fat milk are great choices for meals because they have calcium and Vitamin D to help kids build strong bones and teeth.

The Truth About Sugary Drinks

Beverages such as regular sodas, sweetened iced tea, energy drinks, and sports drinks contain a lot of added sugar, empty calories, and little nutrition. To help keep your body healthy, drink fewer sugar-sweetened beverages and balance your calorie intake with physical activity.

We have a “Balance Your Beverage” chart for you to get an idea about how many minutes of activity it would take to use up the added sugar calories from some popular drinks. You may be surprised by the results. Call our office today at 251-867-7760 or stop by our office at 175 Ag Science Drive in Brewton and pick up your free copy.

For information, and for a free, personalized, nutrition and physical activity plan based on your child’s age, gender, weight and activity level, visit Super Tracker (https://www.supertracker.usda.gov). The website will help you balance your day with food and play!

Source: ChooseMyPlate.gov.