We predicted new industry would come

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It has finally begun to happen. It has ushered into our town just like we predicted four years ago.

Yes, industry that parallels Airbus has finally come to Atmore.

My columns were filled with Atmore’s favorable location for Airbus offshoot firms because of our geographical location on Interstate 65 and because of our exceptional industrial center. And, now the first of what will probably be many such firms coming here is now, indeed, here.

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The announcement of the Huntsville-based technical firm, Brown Precision Inc., will create many jobs initially and will even add more jobs as things progress.

Not long after I wrote my first column about Atmore’s possibilities, I received an email from a man from Cleveland, Ohio who was somewhat familiar with our particular area. A retired executive with a related air aviation firm he said, “having read your columns on the internet about Atmore’s excellent location and having traveled down south on I-65 many times and having knowledge of what Airbus was looking for, it came quite clear to me that your town would play big into Airbus’s plans.”

Now, I can truthfully say I feel good about writing these stories four years ago. I feel good that they have now materialized. I feel good that I can also say my future columns will predict more firms will anchor here and offer jobs for our locals and neighboring communities.

We are definitely in the world of digital technology.

And certainly that is the case for the cell phone industry. How you ever heard of as many new terms and new pieces of equipment as there are in circulation today?

Names such as Smartphone, IPhone, Ipad, Droid, Galaxy and Blackberry leave me totally in the dark. But, my grandchildren readily identify with these names and feel right at home with them. I bet yours do too.

Other technical names like Tablet, Notebook, Crome, Bing, Roku, Xbox 360, Boxee, Wifi, Facebook and App have meaning to relatively only a few. It all supports my earlier columns, which revealed a new world of communication was coming. And, now it is here.

Digital TV, which includes Smart TV and 3D TV are now selling like hotcakes and the prices are tumbling left and right. I have a new 3D TV and the picture is beyond description. Watching golf matches is almost like being there. Movies are so life-like.

So, good luck as you “sail into the future” in this new era. If you want to really learn about it, check in with your children and grandchildren. They can tell you all about it, better yet, they can show you how to “work these things.”

Who knows, tomorrow morning we may have a new set of terms and equipment. Those west coast technical computer phone “nerds” apparently never sleep, always digging, digging and coming up with new innovations.

Now let’s take a look at 1954.

Buster Joyner’s “Ice cream Parlor” on South Main was one of our favorite places, and it served as the main hang out for local and area teens. His best selling lunch was the “Chicken in the Basket”, a meal consisting of two pieces of chicken, fries, roll and a drink. And, the price was only 75cents. His huge “Spinning Wheel” milk shakes were also a hit. Buster debuted that popular shake when he operated a similar business in Bay Minette.

Bristow’s Drug Store, Reid Drugs and Escambia Drugs were also popular gathering places for morning and afternoon coffee drinkers.

Grimsleys, a long time clothing store, advertised a half priced sale on all merchandise in an Atmore Advance double truck (two page ad in the center of the paper). Later that year the store celebrated its 48th anniversary.

The Advance also carried several “spot ads.” This is a one column by one-inch ad. One of those ads was Ceomulsion, which was said to be good for children’s coughs and bronchitis. Strange, you seldom see that ad these days.

Vaughan’s Grocery in Walnut Hill advertised fryers at 45 cents a pound and one dozen oranges for 20 cents.

Several from here won $10 prizes for individual recipes in a contest sponsored by Hass Davis Packing Company of Mobile. Back then, we all enjoyed those fine meats from that firm. One of those winners was Mrs. B Singleton from Monroe County.

Popular hit songs from 1954 included “This Old House” and “Hey There” by Rosemary Clooney and “Three Coins in the Fountain” by the Four Aces.

Rev. N H McCrummen, pastor of Atmore First Baptist Church, announced that 279 were in attendance for the first 1954 mid week prayer services.

That year, “Little John” Harvey said he watched a Frisco train travel over the Highway 31 bypass at exactly the same time an L&N train passed under it. Many old timers always said that was a rare occurrence.

Congratulations are in order for Charlotte “McGhee” Meckel for her amazing victory for Poarch Creek Treasurer in the tribal runoff election Saturday. This dynamic lady roared in with characteristics of a seasoned politician. She defeated incumbent David Gehman by an overwhelming number of votes. This intelligent and articulate lady will serve the Tribe well, I am sure. A highly controversial amendment received more “yes” votes. In fact, there were a total of 989 votes to keep things as they are.

This Creek election drew much interest all across the country. It made headline news stories throughout the Internet news organizations.

More news next week.

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