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Election night is always a good, busy time

There’s something pretty awesome about covering election nights.

Yeah, it can be quite busy, hectic and stressful, but the night always brings with it new experiences.

For years, I helped the staff at the Andalusia Star-News with stories and pictures from election nights, anywhere from local races to national.

Since I’ve been in Atmore, I’ve worked two election nights — the March primary and last Tuesday’s municipal election here.

Last Tuesday, voters in Atmore’s District 2 had their votes counted for an, in my opinion, unexpected runoff this October. I admit, I thought somebody would be elected for the council’s seat.

But, as it happens and has happened many times, a runoff between two candidates will take place.

Isn’t democracy pretty sweet?

I encourage those who didn’t vote in the municipal election last week to participate in the October run off.

Pretty soon, local and county voters will be deciding on certain races, including county judges, U.S. Senate and House seats, state ballot measures and the like.

In addition, a pretty important race for president of the United States will be decided.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been campaigning hard for the highest office in the land, and both are vying for a win.

Who will it be?

That’s for the voters to decide, and a result I’m eager to know.

National election night is something unlike any I’ve experienced. The wait, the work and all that comes with it is something special.

Is it Tues., Nov. 8, yet?