Northview forfeits game at Maplesville

Published 10:20 pm Friday, September 30, 2016

MHS led Chiefs 21-0 in 3rd quarter when game was stopped

Northview’s game at Maplesville was called late in the third quarter of a 21-0 ball game, according to reports.

Clanton Advertiser staff writer Anthony Richards said the game was stopped with 1:40 left to play in the third quarter after NHS head coach Derek Marshman received consecutive unsportsmanlike penalties. When a coach or player receives two unsportsmanlike penalties, they are ejected from the game.

Richards said after some discussion, an official (Principal Gayle Weaver) from NHS came down and talked to the referees. At that point after some discussion, the game was called.

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In a statement from Northview’s Quarterback Club, the organization said Weaver took a “stand” for the players.

“After some events that took place on the field tonight, our principal took a stand for our players for them to return to the bus prior to the fourth quarter,” the statement said. “This is for our players’ safety. We completely stand behind her decision and apologize to our players and supporters for this unforeseen chain of events.”

Marshman declined to comment Friday night.