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EA’s ramping up work in summer program

Escambia Academy is using a ramped up summer workout program as the Cougars get in shape for the 2017 season.

EA head football coach Hugh Fountain said the goal for the summer is to get the players conditioned and ready for the year.

“We believe in the weightlifting stuff we’re doing,” he said. “It’s been a tried and true method. We’re just trying to do a little bit more conditioning than we have done in the past.

“We’re looking at running to get to the first game, to be where we want to be when we start this year,” he said, adding that an understanding of where the team needs to be as the start approaches is important.

The Cougars began summer workouts two Mondays ago.

Fountain said so far, the workouts have been good and gave props to his players for showing up.

“So far, they’ve done excellent,” he said. “We’ve had one guy that’s missed in two weeks. Really, I’ve been really pleased with them. I amped up the conditioning with them because I didn’t think we didn’t have much conditioning and didn’t finish strong during games last year when we got done to the end of the season.”

Workout sessions are held three days each week. Players are required to attend one workout each day. EA holds two workout sessions each day.

Every day, EA is averaging around 40 players. More players attend the morning session, Fountain said.

Summer workouts will continue until the last week of July, when the Cougars begin practice to prepare for the SECIS Kickoff Classic on Aug. 12, where they will play against First Baptist School of Charleston, S.C. at the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery.